John Wood Chimney Vent

Offering an upgraded gas valve that provides ease of diagnostics combined with a robust thermopile design providing the customer piece of mind for the harshest environmental conditions, this model features the Flame Guard Safety System and a turbulator dip tube to reduce sediment on bottom of tank.

Compact design- deal as a replacement water heater for many existing and former John Wood atmospheric vent water heaters.

Turbulator dip tube reduces sediment build-up at the bottom of the tank and increases hot water output by as much as 8%.

The John Wood ENERGY STAR qualified Chimney Vented Gas Water Heater is ENERGY STAR Qualified and has an impressive 0.67 energy factor (EF). With an installed flue damper, higher efficiencies can be achieved therefore saving you money.

Series 10/11 Models feature a Honeywell gas valve for added protection against down drafts and environmental conditions

Thermopile design provides robust pilots to withstand down drafts and environmental conditions.

LED indicator light lets you know when pilot is in operation and provides diagnostic capabilities.

The FlamGuard Safety System protects the homeowner by trapping burning vapours within the water heater's combustion chamber through the exclusive "Flame Trap."


With an installed flue damper and higher efficiencies REQUEST A FREE IN-HOME ESTIMATION

can be achieved, this model is Energy Star qualified 101 Dynamic Drive unit 8 email:

and has an impressive 0.67 energy factor (EF). Scarborough, Ontario Tel: 416-297-4734

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