UV Air Purifier

Totaline Air Purifiers and Coil Cleaners

The Totaline® UVC (Germicidal) Air Purifiers and Coil Cleaners are designed to work with the ventilation system to reduce airborne contaminants such as legionella, molds, bacteria, and viruses.

In addition, the units assist in alleviating symptoms associated with asthma, and allergies. They recreate the effects of sunlight by naturally decomposing, destroying and purifying contaminants. Totaline Air Purifiers are available in models to suit both residential and commercial needs.

Totaline Air Purifiers Cleaners


• Produces no ozone, gases or fumes

• Patented technology, unique “J” shaped lamp

• Easy installation and no maintenance (excluding bulb changes)

• Multiple installation options permits remote mounting or bypass mounting

• Test button and inspection port (Commercial in-duct)

• Commercial in-duct models work only when the HVAC blower is functioning

• Low power consumption and no increase with duct system resistance

• NRTL/C, CSA Certified, Canada and US

• Three-year warranty on residential models

• LED Indicators on Residential models

Air Purifiers Cleaners