KeepRite Rooftop

KeepRite rooftop units are available in gas heating/electric cooling, electric heat/electric cooling or packaged heat pumps and deliver SEER ratings as high as 13.4 and EER ratings up to 11.3 on standard efficiency units (RGS/RAS/RHS) and SEER ratings as high as 15.8 and EER ratings up to 12.4 on high efficiency models (RGH/RAH/RHH).

Scroll Compressor

KeepRite rootfop units utilize fully hermetic scroll compressors. Compressors are designed with internal isolation and have internal thermal line break, current overload, and high-pressure differential protection.

Central Terminal Board

Standard on every unit, the integrated terminal simplifies the installation of pre-engineered and certified field-installed accessories, including economizers, by providing clearly labeled connection points for easy plug-in connection.

Easy Access Handles

Handles located on all major access panels provide quick, convenient and safe access to components for easy maintenance and service.

1- Efficiencies up to 10 SEER

2- Induced draft combustion

3- Aluminized serpentine clamshell heat

4- Adjustable electronic fan control

5- Convertible horizontal to downflow configuration

6- Slide-out blower housing

7- Electronic pilot ignition device (HSP)

8- High efficiency compressor with external rubber

mounts. 5 ton model features scroll compressor

9- Copper tube and aluminum fin coil for extra durability

and greater heat transfer

KeepRite commercial packaged rooftops have everything REQUEST A FREE IN-HOME ESTIMATION

you need from handled access doors to certified and 101 Dynamic Drive unit 8 email:

pre-engineered factory-installed options as well as Scarborough, Ontario Tel: 416-297-4734

field installed accessories. Canada, M1V 6C7 Fax: 416-297-8861