Slant/Fin Galaxy Gas Boiler

Galaxy is a highly reliable natural boiler. It connects to a chimney and needs no fans nor power combustion devices, making it as simple and reliable boiler. The boiler heats quickly, sending warmth to radiators throughout your home within moments of your thermostat's call for heat.'

Sizes from 100,000 to 399,000 Btuh

Hot water and steam models

Standing pilot or intermittent pilot

Natural gas or propane

Tankless heater optional

Low profile steam models available

Extended Jacket conceals controls, wires and gas valve.

Assembled with only durable metal push nipples.

Low profile GXHA steam models fit in locations with reduced overhead clearance.

System- Hot water or steam

Combustion- Natural draft, atmospheric

Capacity- 13 sizes, 105-300 MBH input

Efficiency- up to AFUE 81.3% GXHA model-integral draft diverter

Galaxy water boilers come with a lifetime limited warranty.

Steam models have a 10 year limited warranty.

Slant/Fin's Galaxy is a hot water boiler heating system that REQUEST A FREE IN-HOME ESTIMATIO

produces dry steam and delivers it to system through a 2 1/2" 101 Dynamic Drive unit 8 email:

supply tapping. Scarborough, Ontario Tel: 416-297-4734

Canada, M1V 6C7 Fax: 416-297-8861