Gas Furnace KeepRite Model G9MXT

KeepRite’s G9MXT comes with a two-stage redundant gas valve and two-speed induced draft blower that can be adjusted to higher or lower settings when more or less heat is needed. With heated air is delivered by an efficient ECM blower motor, this model is also compatible with two-stage cooling.

Reliable- Direct Hot Surface Ignition system features and advanced silicon nitride igniter and in-shot burners for greater reliability.

Safe- Temperature limited control, reliable gas valve and induced draft motor all help ensure safe operation.

Quiet- Solid pre-painted steel insulated cabinet with tight-fit door latch system, blower motor isolated behind a sealed door, and soft-mount rubber gaskets on key components lower operating sounds.

1- State-of-the-art electronic controls monitor system operation and allow for faster, easier system diagnostics.

2- Engery-saving high efficiency operation of 96% AFUE.

3- Two-stage operation system reduces temperature and humidity swings in the home by heating and cooling more evenly.

4- Five years No Hassle Replacement limited warranty gives you a replacement unit if the heat exchanger should fail within the first five years.

5- Lifetime limited warranty on the primary and secondary heat exchanger.

6- Ten years limited warranty on all functional parts.


KeepRite model consists of a two-stage redundant gas REQUEST A FREE IN-HOME ESTIMATION

valve and two-speed induced draft blower for adjustment. 101 Dynamic Drive Unit 8 email:

This model is also compatible with two-stage cooling system. Scarborough, Ontario Tel: 416-297-4734

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